Literature, Culture and Translation

The line of research “Literature, Culture and Translation” consists of research projects which examine literature in the German language in an interdisciplinary perspective by tying in neighbouring disciplines such as cultural studies, communication studies, and translation studies as well as history, philosophy, arts and social sciences. Methodologically, the research combines textually analytical approaches with theoretical ones and takes into account translation as a process of cultural transfer.


Current research projects:


·        Fictionality and Factionality in Narrative Texts (in German)

·        Literature, History and Society

·        Literature and Knowledge: Literary Auto-Reflection of the Author in German Texts

·        Literature und Political Imaginaries

·        Travel Literature

·        The Literary Relationship between Brazil and German-Speaking Countries

·        Literary Translation and Reception Studies of Translated Literature (German / Portuguese)

·        Probral Project (CAPES/DAAD): Aspects of Diction (with Uni Leipzig)