German as a Foreign Language, Linguistics and Translation

The research line “German as a Foreign Language, Linguistics and Translation” comprises two groups of projects. The first project  analyses historical and methodological aspects of teaching and learning German as a foreign language, with a special focus on Brazilian context and the analysis of specific grammatical structures in a contrastive perspective (Portuguese/German). The second project consists of various research projects that examine how specialised and academic texts are structured by technical, cultural and linguistic conventions, especially with regard to their translation, and connect linguistic approaches with theories of translation and philosophy of language.

Current research projects:

·        Teaching German in Brazil: Past, Present and Future Developments

·        Acquiring German as a Foreign Language: Approaches of Learning and Teaching

·         Contrastive Studies Portuguese-German: Word Classes, Texts and History

·        Translation and Mediation of the German Language

·        Theory and Analyses of Translation and the Philosophy of Language: Fundamentals, Relationships and Uses for Translating Academic and Other Specialised Texts