The Programme

The post-graduate programme strito senso in Brazil is comparable to a Graduate School programme in Germany and is based on completing a research project. Upon completion of the programme, a degree of Mestrado or a PhD title will be conferred. The post-graduate programme “German Language and Literature” at the Universidade de São Paulo was founded in 1971 and is the only of its kind in Brazil that specializes in German Studies. The profound and research-oriented study programme is organized by 14 professors who are internationally renowned for their research and teaching. It comprises studies in linguistics, literature and culture of German-speaking countries in a comparative perspective with Portuguese language and Brazilian culture.

The study programme “German Literature and Language” is organized into two lines of research:

1.    Literature, Culture and Translation

2.    German as a Foreign Language, Linguistics and Translation

The first line of research “Literature, Culture and Translation” consists of research projects which examine literature in the German language in an interdisciplinary perspective by tying in neighbouring disciplines such as cultural studies, communication studies, and translation studies as well as history, philosophy, arts and social sciences. Methodologically, the research combines textually analytical approaches with theoretical ones and takes into account translation as a process of cultural transfer.

The second research line, “German as a Foreign Language, Linguistics and Translation”, organises projects with regard to historical and methodological aspects of teaching and learning German as a foreign language with a special focus on Brazilian context and the analysis of specific grammatical structures in a contrastive perspective (Portuguese/German). These research projects examine how specialised and academic texts are structured by technical, cultural and linguistic conventions, especially with regard to their translation, and connect linguistic approaches with theories of translation and philosophy of language.

All professors of the programme have conducted post-doctoral research in renowned universities in Brazil as well as abroad and are experienced teachers and supervisors.

Their research record is proven by a wide range of internationally and nationally recognized publications. Additionally, researchers from other Brazilian and foreign universities also collaborate with the programme. The programme has been editing Pandaemonium Germanicum, a renowned journal for research in German Studies, since 1997.

More than 300 researchers have graduated successfully since the programme was founded in 1971. Today, they work in public universities throughout the country, in public, private, or language schools, in cultural institutions or as translators. (Learn more about our Alumni)

As the Brazilian centre of excellence in German Studies, the programme attracts post-doctoral researchers from all regions of Brazil. (see Postdocs)

If you are interested in applying to the programme, please take note of the information regarding the requirements and the selection process, which takes place twice a year.