The Selection Process takes place twice a year with registrations in March and August and consists of four steps: 

i)                Evaluation of the research project

ii)              Analysis of the academic record (CV und diplomas)

iii)            Content Examination

iv)             Language Proficiency Examination (B1.2-Level in German is required for Brazilian applicants); foreign applicants must also present a Portuguese Proficiency Certificate before the mid-term exam (Exame de qualificação)

Please find further details on the selection process in the solicitation. Each part of the exam must be passed, and the result is valid for two years. 

Questions regarding the selection process for foreign applicants will be answered via email:

The bibliography of the content examination for the academic year 2020 can be found under the following link. Candidates can also request access via email:

Foreign applicants must present a Portuguese Proficiency Certificate before the mid‑term exam (Exame de qualificação).

Information regarding the English Proficiency Certificate: Language Center of FFLCH (Centro de Línguas da FFLCH-USP)